Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tony FrankenCat

Originally published on MySpace, Nov 29, 2008

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This blog is an attempt to educate anyone who doesn't understand my status today....

Last night we had Capri, her hubby and young son over for the evening. TC is a charming and delightful young man. So charming he even charmed us into playing poker, which quite frankly, I *suck* at!

This was the first time we all met face to face and of course that means being introduced to all our fur family as well. At the moment, Tony is recovering from some sort of animal bite and he looks like this:

TC, who apparently doesn't let anything escape his attention, soon asked us, "why does he have cigarettes poking out of him?"

You just gotta love how a kid's mind works!! If it was me I would have simply said something like, "Ewwwwwie!! Keep that cat away from me!" but, no, not TC - he wants the lowdown - starting with the "cigarettes!" LMAO!!!

Tony himself was quite the charmer this morning while I was trying to get his picture:

Go away! Can't you see I'm sunbathing??


I already told you - I don't feel like playing!!


Okay, but just once, and then you'll leave me alone??


"Little Bunny Foo Foo, hopping through the forest, picking up the field mice...."


Okay, that's enough cat games.... If you wanna know what my husband's answer is to "Why does that cat have cigarettes sticking out of his butt?" you'll have to give me your answer first.... just why does Tony have cigarettes sticking out his butt?

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