Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another DuH! moment...

Originally posted on MySpace Oct 5, 2008

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When we got to Kentucky we often would see a car and think, "They're from Washington!" because the license plates were similar.

Washington looks like this:

Kentucky looks like this:

It may not be real obvious from these pictures but usual the license frame covers some of the edge and from a distance you really only notice that the plate is bluer at the bottom and whiter at the top.

One day Alyssa and I were talking about this while out in the van. As part of the conversation I mentioned that I just didn't understand why Kentucky had a little cloud in the middle of their plate. Look closely, it's there.

"Mom," Alyssa replied, "That's an outline of the shape of the state!" and of course she started laughing at me.....

Who knew?

p.s. When I randomly picked the "currently listening to" selection I was surprised when the album cover popped up. Emmylou Harris did a free impromptu concert on Orcas Island, waaaaay back in the late 70's or early 80's when I was living there. She was staying at Rosario and commuting by commuter plane to (I think) Bellingham, WA where her "real" concert was. Orcas at that time was still very rural, except for the resorts and marinas, it was a very "granola-head" place to live (okay, you know something else about me... lol). Emmylou's concert on Orcas was at the grange where there was a large western saloon backdrop that had been painted for the community theatre. Apparently she loved it and they did some publicity shots there which eventually became this album cover. Just thought I'd share that with you....

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