Sunday, March 9, 2008

More ponderancing

Mar 9, 2008

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As I wandered through the vastness known as my mind, I came upon another little curious thought:

Just an itty bitty bit of 'bad' can overwhelm a whole lotta 'good.'

Why is that?

50 First Dates

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Mar 6, 2008

Current mood:curious

A truly loving relationship can never be about competition. How can you say, "X number of people love me more, therefore I must be better loved than you"? And if it is said, what would it really mean? A loving relationship, man/woman, parent/child, friend/friend, human/pet, human/God or same sex love is about the love you give and your ability to receive it. If you can't accept love, how can you be truly loved?

It is possible to love the unloveable, but can the unloveable love back? If you kick your dog she comes back to you. But if you continue to kick your dog you obviously don't have the ability to return love. Your dog's love is real, but your ability to receive it is not, and you are not able to love back when you can't feel love. If your heart is not open to let love in, how can love flow out?

Love and be loved is the key to happiness. There is no accounting in relationships. Put the abacus away and simply open your heart.

7:36 PM
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Gordon Lee

Greetings Ms. Badonkadonk
Okay, if I open my heart to a bowl of ice cream, does it love me back. No, because my dog Sparky licks the bowl when I'm done. There is no accounting, just like you said.
Thanks for giving me something to ponder, I reckon.

Gordon Lee

3 years ago

Betsy Gully

So the question is, if you love your ice cream does it return the favor?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Simply a tribute!

Mar 5, 2008

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I am so very lucky to be the mom of two incredible daughters. I simply cannot imagine my life without them. They keep my young, laughing, and always on my toes. They are the very best of the best.

Today is my tribute to Alyssa. She's my oldest. She's such a bright person and very aware and sensitive to others. She's been there for me whenever I need a shoulder. I can't say that's my proudest thing, because I am not sure kids are supposed to be so strong for their parents, when that is the parental role for the child. But she is very attuned to me and knows when I need my hugs.

Alyssa is an adult. Such a hard milestone for a parent to accept. She makes her own decisions and sometimes I don't agree with them but I try very hard to support them. Even more, I want to support her dreams and see her do and become everything that is important to her.

My mom is becoming more difficult to care for daily. When I needed to go to Cincy for a week, Alyssa offered to take an unpaid week off work to assist with her care. She has had a wonderful attitude despite how difficult it is. I am so proud of how she has stepped up to the plate and really accepted responsibility in this. It's not been a pleasant situation.

Alyssa, I want you to know how very much appreciated you are. This is a tough time in my life, seeing my mother deteriorate and slip away from us. No matter what our past has been, my Mom is my Mom and I love her dearly. What you are doing for her, and therefore me... well, I can't express it in words what it means to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are so wonderful!!

I forgot to mention that she has some other things happening in her life that are not mine to discuss... but they make me soooo proud!! You rock girl!!

There really is an upside to snow!

Mar 5, 2008

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At least when the ground is covered with snow the damn cat doesn't bring in any living or dead mice!!
5:46 PM
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haha! you put "living" in!!!

and you know it just means he looooves you!

3 years ago

Betsy Gully

Well, after you mentioned it I realized that I detest the live ones he brings in even more than the dead ones... yuck!!

At least MY cat has better ways of showing me how much she loves me!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

On the road again...

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Back in the St. Paul/Minneapolis airport doing the reverse trip.  I can't quite figure out why dh books direct flights for himself and sends me all around the countryside to get home.  It's all paid for by the company and he doesn't worry about saving a few bucks when he's traveling - only when I am.  What's up with that?? 
I ended up going to the design center on three separate days.  Dh went with me the second trip and we chose the exterior portions of the house.  Even though I had stressed to him and showed him photos of a color combo I really REALLY liked, he went in a totally diffferent direction.  We had talked about it the night before and I stressed how awesome this choice was, but when we got to the design center, he started making choices based on their 1x2' panels.  I was NOT happy.  I can only think of one other time in 23 years that I stressed how important something was to me just to have him ignore me.  After that visit we went back to KY and through the communities looking at exteriors again.  When I turned onto the street that the house I loved was on his eyes popped.  I wanted to slap him up aside the head!! 
He left before my last appointment at the design center, but he assured me that he would trust me on whatever I chose for the exterior.  However, he did not want the brick he'd picked out the day before.  LOL!!
I did learn an important lesson.  When you upgrade piece by piece over three visits it doesn't seem like you are spending as much as if you'd upgraded all at the beginning.  Say you start with $5,000 worth of upgrades and a day later add $2,500 more and a day later than that add another $2,500 more.  The final $10,000 doesn't feel so bad as it would have sounded on day one.  WTF, we're all going to die penniless anyway, right??
When I left KY this morning all the snow had melted and it was starting to look like spring might just be around the corner.  I understand it was snowing again in UT.  I'm ready for some tulips and daffodils in my yard.  And green grass.  And leaf buds on the trees. And some fruit blossoms on our apple, cherry and apricot trees.  I'd even go for some weeds right now if they are green and colorful....
Can't wait to get back home!!