Monday, August 27, 2007

Airport Musings...

Originally posted on MySpace on Aug 27, 2007

I love to fly and the trip between SLC and Denver was particularly beautiful. I cannot help but to look at the landscape (geology) below me and marvel at what has taken place over thousand s or millions of years to make it look that way. It is spectacular and never ceases to captivate and amaze me.  I also was in love with the clouds in the distance and those drifting between us and the earth. At one point the clouds below me looked so much like sheep wool. They were shaded by the clouds above us and appeared more of a yellow/beige than snowy white. I could literally feel my fingers digging into the clouds and feeling like the sheep beneath all that wool was not to be found.  It was like being at the state fair. Also, state fair-like were the clouds in the distance that were stretched across the sky like white cotton candy being spun onto its tube.  We know that we can sit and gaze at clouds on spring days and see all sorts of things in them, but for me this was an entirely different perspective and very tactile provoking, if there is such a thing.
It was a good visit to my new city to be, but I am still not entirely reconciled to living there. I guess in some ways it's unfortunate that I have come to love Utah so much. I have too much left in Utah to see and not enough time.  Cincy, although experiencing a drought, is so much more like Seattle in its greenness. There are deciduous trees everywhere – but alas, no mountains of any sorts.  The landscape is full of rolling hills and that was unexpected to me and a very nice surprise.  Mark and I spent Friday afternoon and all day Saturday exploring neighborhoods and suburbs and were not seeing a lot that inspired us. Or, if it did, it wasn't in our budgeted range – of course! Mark took me to a small community called Mariemont and it was a neighborhood to fall in love with. Unfortunately, according to our Cincinnati  guide book, there is very little turnover in that neighborhood (being so highly desireable and only about 1 mile square.  The next neighborhood we liked was the one our past neighbors from Seattle live in. And there is even a house for sale next door to them – how weird would that be to become neighbors again four years later and thousands of miles from our original neighborness?  Even our dogs are old friends!  LOL. We also liked an area near Milford where we could build a brand spankin' new house. So far that is our favorite option – we just have to find another location without high voltage overhead power lines or too near the freeway. The freeway wasn't visible but it was audible – above the sounds of the cicadas….  How loud can a bug be, anyway???
Middle age crisis… I have a new (to me, anyway) theory on middle age crisis. I never thought I would be particularly bothered by aging and yet I get ideas and desires that seem totally out of line with my age and abilities. So my new theory is that MAC is worse now than ever simply because of the speed our world is changing. There is so much more to see, do and even know about than when my mother was my age. And things are changing faster and faster all the time. So while I may be able to do a few things that I never even imagined while I was a kid, there will be so many more coming along continually. Will I ever be comfortable that I have done all I want? And I won't even go into regrets – the opportunities missed. I've always believed that where I am is where I am supposed to be and anything I "missed" was simply a part of getting me here. I still do believe that, so can I even allow myself to think about things I wish I'd done? Hm…  Perhaps I really should start believing in reincarnation and simply plan for my future instead of revisiting my past.
Because there are so very many random thoughts whirling around in my head I came up with a new name for myself. I don't know if Badonkadonk will ever return simply because there are so many other fun names. Along with my Gypsy name WaUtOh I have added SeaSanCin… the first three letters of the last three cities I have (or will) lived in. I think it kind of has a ring to it.  Or perhaps I have just been reading to many fantasy novels with odd named characters.  Once upon a time SeaSanCin WaUtOh looked down upon the Emerald City, across the Ohio River from the slopes of the Wasatch Mountains…
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    ♥Cid not so Vicious♥ "...ideas and desires that seem totally out of line with my age and abilities..."
    Age is just a number, nothing more. You can do anything that you want and don't let anyone tell you differently.
    Cincinnati sounds pretty cool. I hope you will like it there. Any chances for a photoblog?
    Have a good day, Betsy! ♥
    3 years ago

      Betsy Gully Age, real number: 51 - mental number - 20 or 30-something...
      Abilities.... 70 or 80-something....
      3 years ago

    Jeannie Corby Becker Cincy Does have a Soccer Club!!!!

    They have a website:

    as well as a myspace page:

    They have adult soccer leagues as well. Yeah!!!!!!!!!! You will still have your Soccer!
    3 years ago

    Jeannie Corby Becker SeaSanCin what a wonderful new name. Isn't it amazing how much we wish we could move back to our original homes and then when we have to move to yet another city we want to stay in the city we wanted to leave from. What a roller coaster of emotions.

    Ohio what a difference from Utah and Washington, it is like for me Pennsylvania to Las Vegas to Iowa! Only I have about 45 other cities and places to add in between too.