Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's Been A Long Long Time

It's been quite some time since I've sat on the deck of the Badonkadonk Cafe and pondered life.  I miss the Cafe - I can picture my deck having a swing on which I sit in the cool breeze and look out over the valley from my mountainside.  Other times my deck is actually on the water and the tide is working its way out.  I can hear gulls arguing, mixed in with the gentle sound of the waves.  The air smells so different than when my cafe is in the mountains.  Salty, sticky with summer heat.  

I have no purpose to sit and swing on my deck tonight, other than to encourage myself to return and practice my skills of writing.  And pondering.  Ha!  Perhaps with this brief start I will find my way back sooner rather than later.  It seems to me that quite a lot has happened since I wrote last, but at the same time, I have difficulty pulling it all to the forefront of my mind and putting the words down "on paper."

So I'll breathe in a little more of the sticky salt air and enjoy the sun on my face and arms.  Then, without much adieu I'll slip back into reality and wrap my sweater a bit tighter around myself as protection from the winter storm that drops snow all around outside my home.  

Badonkadonk Cafe - I have missed you.