Monday, October 9, 2006

Day One

First of all my dogs are barking.... LOUDLY!!  A nice warm foot bath sounds oh-so good right now!
I went to the first day of my new job today not even knowing how long I would be working or what my employment status was.  My final interview was last Thursday and the last time the manager asked me if I had any questions, I said, "Yes, just one. Will you give me a job and hire me?" I think she was a little taken aback, but she said, "Yes, come in at 9:30 Monday morning...." I was interviewing for any and all positions and any and all hours - I truely didn't care, I just wanted to go back to work and introduce something new to my life. 
The day started with me filling out all the usual new hire paperwork and the manager let me know that when she put me on the schedule for the next three weeks I was at 40 hours... so I guess I am full time.  Woot Woot!!
I am supposing I should probably back up a bit and tell you where I am working and how this all came about.
My daughter and her friend were checking out potential jobs a few weeks ago and in the course noticed that Barnes & Noble had applications on a table near the entrance.  It's always been a joke in our family that we'd all love to work there but they'd have to attach a GPS device to us because we'd surely get "lost" in the books, never to be seen again. So, hearing that they were hiring I decided I must apply.
I got an interview with one of the assistant managers right away and he said he'd pass the application on to the manager. Then I got a call for a second interview which turned out to be with another assistant manager. She also said she would forward the application on. That was about the time I was heading to Seattle so I told her what days I would be out of town. When I got back I called and the Manager was now out of town so it seemed to take forever to get that 3rd interview. Finally, third interview happened and job secured.
During the last interview the manager told me that I would be training as a cashier for a couple-three weeks before learning anything else, since they wanted solid training at the register. The customer service desk, which would be next, was so information intensive that I would need to learn much more about the store, company and product before learning that area. So today I go to work at the register and had a blast checking out customers until lunch time.
After my lunch break I was passed on to another employee at the customer service desk to be given a store tour.
Since the CS desk is so busy, I never got the entire tour and really only learned the areas in which we went to retrieve books for customers. Within an hour I was answering the phone at the CS desk, looking up books, finding them on the floor for customers in store or on the phone, ordering books, etc. So much for holding back training in that area. But I LOVE it!!  There are so many books I must read.... ack!!!  When will I ever have time!
So yes, my little doggies are barking. They are just not used to an entire day of being stood on. But let me tell you they are happy dogs!!  I can't wait to go back tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

A day in the life....

Bailey's bed is behind our love seat and in front of the piano. Sometimes Bailey gets herself wrapped up in the piano and bench legs...
So you might notice that she is resting her front legs on her bed although most of her body is on the carpet.  Is it because Zori is on the bed?
Nope, it was a good guess, but this time it was not Zori...
Our newest family member who is yet to be named.... uh - this just in...
drum roll please......
Tony The Tiger!!
As you can see, Bailey is quite taken with him.  Zori has yet to meet him... I'll let you know later how that one goes!