Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This 'n That

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It's so "Seattle" today in my back yard.  The precip is sleet instead of rain, but it's coming straight down out of a seattle-gray sky.  The patio is shiney wet and the only action is an occasional birdie scooting along the grass to duck for cover under an evergreen.  
I'm happy spring is back. Aside from my 'mia' tulips, I have bunches of lovely daffy-dils and the prettiest green foliage on the trees that separate our yard from our back-door neighbor.  The yard is a good size yard with a trampoline and basket ball court, so we don't feel boxed in, just more private. 
Since I am off work today I may have to zip up and go to the nursery. I have some fun plans for the front of the house that will translate into fall & winter venues after summer flowers have had their stay. It's time to get the veggies planted and Mark has a new toy to use in that garden.  Pictures will follow once we get to work.
Any ideas for a nice, not too intrusive, vine-like plant to grow along our back cyclone fence?  I love clematis but had no success with it last year. I've thought about a champaign grape that a friend of ours grew in WA - but I don't know how it would winter.  We do have concord grapes flowing over from a neighbor's yard, by the apricot tree, so I am a little hopeful that it could work. 
Our mountains were so incredible this morning when I took Krissy to school.  The clouds were high above them, just out of reach of the peaks, and the sky must have been clear on the back side of the mountains, for the sun had lit the lower underside puffs a light yellow in contrast to the upper grayness. The mountains below are just tipped with the last of our snow and below that flowed like green fabric to the tree line, otherwise known as the house line. 
From one view a double row of street lights was twinkling right at the base.  Would have been an awesome photo if not for all the phone lines.  I am so in love with this area. I love that the mountains are so close in our back yard!
No matter where you are there is beauty. Take time and stop to enjoy and appreciate it.  Read the Alchemist and you will begin to understand the wonder of a grain of sand.