Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Love to Go a Wandering

When my husband and I talked about moving to Utah it was a no-brainer for me.  I'd visited the Salt Lake area a few times and had always said to myself, "Self, we could live here."  When it became a reality I was all for it. 
I LOVE it here. My neighbors, my neighborhood, my home, my yard and garden, the mountains that rise up to the sky behind us... It's a hundred times better than I ever thought it would be. 
And now we are going to leave it.  It won't be for another 18 months, but I am sad to go already.
Mark's job is as a Safety Director and he creates safe working environments, programs and strategies for the employees. Part of that job is handling worker's comp and general liability claims. In the first year in Utah he was instrumental in saving the company over $million just by better management of claims and safe work practices. Recently, the company decided to hand the claims aspect over to a TPA and take it away from the Safety Directors in all divisions. This decision didn't eleminate Marks job but took a portion of it off his desk. It also created a need for two people to oversee nationally the TPA, work with them and manage claims and law suits over a certain value. 
Mark was interested in that position from the git-go. He inquired and found that it could not be located here in Utah so he didn't apply.  He did ask about it on several occasions indicating that he was interested but wouldn't move his family until Krissy graduates. 
Last Friday he got a call and was told they would be making him an offer. SHOCK!!  The offer allows him to perform the job from Utah for one year and then begin relocation to Cincinnati. After a little negotiation he accepted the offer. Incredibly, our kids are excited and happy about this opportunity for him. Of course it means we will be better able to help with college for them, so factor that in...
I have such mixed feelings.  We lived in one house in Seattle for 20 years and I was soooooo ready to move. I always thought I would like to move a little more often but moving is expensive. The move to SLC was over $70,000 and fortunately, the company pays that. They will pay for the move to Cincy, too. I love new places and learning my way around and 'discovering' all there is to discover, but I am not done discovering here yet. We'll have only spent 3 years in Utah - I guess I better get busy exploring a little quicker.
I wish I had visited Cincy before. I would have a better feeling for it and maybe a little less reluctance. We will have major league baseball again - yeah!!  We will be back in a big city instead of a small city - yeah!!  It will be humid - boo!!  Liquor laws will probably make more sense, and I might be able to buy a bottle of wine in the supermarket - yeah!!  I might be able to find another volksmarch club - yeah!!  I might be able to get my scrapbook business going again - yeah!!  I might just come to love it there as much as here - yeah!!
And since there is no skiing in Cincy, maybe we'll just have to join a travel club and take real vacations for a change - YEAH!!! 
If anyone can tell me anything about Cincy, Ohio, Kentucky - please do - I've ordered some books but would love to hear the details first hand!
That's all - I've rambled enough. 

Monday, May 7, 2007


(originally posted on MySpace)

It's been one year since Maren jumped off the Aurora Bridge to her death.  We'll never know or understand why, but we do know the hurt and pain she left us with.  Will it ever go away?  
We've promised to never forget her, but even without a promise, how could we?  She was an amazing girl. Not yet 16 at the time of her death, she was smart and pretty and athletic.  She was very well liked by her friends and she was one of those rare girls who liked and was kind to everyone.  
My heart especially aches for her family today. The two sisters she left behind, her mom and dad. I can't even pretend to imagine their pain.  
Maren, I truly believe you acted in anger and haste and would not have jumped had you stopped to think.  Such a horrid act that can never be undone.  We'll always miss you and always wonder what you would have become and done had you lived on. 
I hope your soul is in peace.