Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3, 2010

I feel sick today. Not the cold and cough I've been feeling that past week, but physically sick and on the verge of tears.

I am so disappointed in my country. The elections did not go as I had hoped last night and I am really afraid. Afraid of the future and what the Tea Party and the Party of NO will do to us.

Two years ago I had Hope. We had a shiny new president who wanted to move this country forward into better times. It didn't seem so hard to fathom being possible after what Bush Jr. left us with. But even though we had a majority in DC, the Party of NO did everything possible to keep our country at a standstill. Everything became blamed on Obama. Everything includes the economy and all the nasty things put into motion under Bush. If you listen to the Party of No, you'd think that there were no problems in our country prior to Obama.

And what have we heard for the past two years?? Slander against our own Muslim countrymen (and women). More and more hate toward immigrants, non-Christian religions, Gays & Lesbians, etc. Comparing our President to Hitler. Promoting lies about his citizenship. Where was the drive to Do Something Good For Our Country, other than undermine everything. We didn't have politicians working on our behalf, we had politicians working against the President.

I have to interject here my thoughts about this. There has been so much propaganda directed toward President Obama in such hateful and irresponsible means. How has this been any different than the Dixie Chicks publicly denouncing and voicing their opinions of Bush? It's been much worse, and yet promoted by the very people that were Horrified by The Dixie Chicks. What hypocrisy!!

Where has the concern been about our country? It's been buried under the Big Money behind the Tea Partiers (yes, I do believe you are puppets of the very rich and not so famous) and the Party of NO. This election has put the very people in office that have worked harder to deface and defame our country than to CHANGE the way things work and give it a chance.

I literally want to cry. We are officially now moving backwards into the dark days of Bush. The American Dream is gone people. You've just handed it over to Big Money. I used to think our country as a collective had a conscience. I thought Unions were a thing of the past because we now Cared about our workers, the work conditions, pay & safety. But Big Money cares only about the bottom line and de-regulation and union breaking and lining their own pockets with gold. Big Money wants to be in charge of our country and will buy the people to do it.

I don't think things will be better. I think they will be harder than ever. You may have a little more money in your pocket with a few less taxes, but how long will it be before you realize that a lot of other things have disappeared? 40-45 kids in a classroom? Ack! Well, the parents will help out, if one of them can get time off from their two jobs. And the teachers that lost their jobs due to cutbacks can just flip burgers, right? Don't worry about Social Security - you won't need or want that extra income when the time comes. Did you know that SS kicks in if you lose a spouse and helps you raise your kids? Pray everyone stays healthy. Especially since you won't be able to afford health care anyway. And even if you do, the Insurance Company will tell you what you can and cannot do. Oh, don't worry, the Death Panel has been in place for a long long time!!

Teachers, Police Officers, Firemen, Public Parks, Judges, Mailmen, Road crews, USDA (food safety), etc, etc, etc.... more people than you imagine are paid through taxes. Let's help them say goodbye to their jobs and welcome them to the unemployment lines so you can have a little more money in your pockets on behalf of Big Money. Big Money thanks you as they take their huge tax cuts and invest them overseas or create another financial fiasco like the housing industry. They didn't lose anything there, you know. And not because of the bailouts, but because they had guarantees and those bad loans that let them walk away unscathed. It's not only true, They Were Betting On The Loans FAILING, because the payoffs were better than the loans themselves. Ask someone who just lost their home how they feel about That?

ObamaCare. It was actually a good word, because he does care. I'm sorry there was so much working against him. And yes, I am angry at the Democrats for not being stronger, more demanding and more vocal. And I am angry that as they tried to reach across the aisle they simply got kicked in the teeth and bullied.

Be prepared. America lost it's dream last night. We are not the land of opportunity and equality. We are becoming two class society and most all of us won't be in the upper class. We don't care for our citizens, we abhor them and see them as leeches who want to suck us dry. Although we seem to hate Muslims, Jews, Arabs, Mexicans, Gays & Lesbians, Homeless, Ill & Dying people and so many more, I just can't fathom how we can refer to ourselves as "Christian" (even though we are so many more faiths).