Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Originally published on MySpace on Sep 25, 2007

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There really are only two seasons in Utah. 
This is evident by the fact that one day I go out barefoot to get my mail and my feet are burned by the hot cement. The next day looks exactly the same but I get frostbite on my toes when I go to get the mail. ARGH!!
But I do love seeing the snow on the mountains right behind me!  Love love love it!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

This & that and a cat story

Originally published on MySpace on Sep 16, 2007

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I moved my computer the other day and it's become an out of site out of mind sort of thing.  In a way that is good because I really need to start concentrating on preparing to move.  Only someone who has ever visited me can fully appreciate that concept. 

I read and enjoyed a few blogs this a.m. - something else that has slipped by me for a long while. One of those blogs inspired me to write my own about a cat in a tree. This goes way way back but it suits my mood today. I woke up and lay in bed for quite some time thinking about the cats in my life and this particular cat is fondly missed. 

DeTour came into my life via my husband. The poor man thought that my statements about Tora needing a "friend" were serious and one day brought home a sweet little kitten. The kitten wasn't much more than a ball of fluff with a short very fluffy tail. When you moved your hand down that tail though, you realized that it was a normal length but had a few dozen kinks in it going in all directions.... thus the name, DeTour. ..

I was appalled that Mark would bring a kitten home to vie for Tora's attention. Tora did not take to the new roomie at all and firmly let him know that she was top cat in this house!!  Thus DeTour grew up knowing he was the beta cat.  

A few months later DeTour went into heat and put an end to my puzzlement about where his little family jewels were and why we never saw them. We got him fixed asap but never stopped calling her a he.  It just didn't seem right by then. 

One day I came home from work and could not find my DeTour.  I rode my bike around my neighborhood calling for him without any response. I was panicky and worried.  When Mark came home from work we began to look some more. Finally we heard a little "meow" and followed the sound to a tree across the road from our house.  DeTour was indeed 'treed.'  He was being held captive in that tree by another cat a few feet below him.  We had no idea how long this hostage situation had been in play, but assumed it was the better part of a full day. 

Mark climbed the tree, scaring the terrorist cat away and grabbing the not so mild DeTour for his rescue. If you have ever held a frightened cat you know they want to exude bravery and will fight their way out of your arms. The frightened kitty was passed to me and I transported him quickly across the road and placed him (let him fly out of my arms) into our yard where he seemed to magically disappear (beep-beep ZOOM!). My husband and I went around the house to the back yard where we found him in the garden furiously digging a hole and then proceeded to pee for what seemed about ten minutes. Goodness - he must have been in that tree two days!!

We always laughed about his dire situation, having to pee so bad while being bullied by a neighborhood cat. I wondered why he didn't just pee on the cat below him and make his escape.  As you know, cats are creatures of habit and as soon as he finished his minutes long pee, he went into the house, straight to the litter box, and did his other business. He truly was a house cat.