Monday, November 2, 2015

Upstate New York

Our last outing of the 2015 teardropping season was to upstate New York where we got to spend some time with family.  First was a visit to my brother and his wife in Canastota. We stayed in the teardrop as their guest room was not set up for visitors, which was fine with us as we try to add up those nights in the teardrop.  

David & Maryclare's chickens. A friendly bunch. 

We visited an apple farm/winery. Very picturesque!

David & Maryclare and a whole lotta pumpkins!

Our next stop was camping with our nephew and his wife near Ithaca
at Robert Treman state park. Mark at the gate. 
It was our coldest camp out of the season and probably the coldest to date,
as of October 2017. There is a teardrop among all the canopies.

The colors in upstate New York in autumn are phenomenal!

Some of the colors along our trail as we hiked

This tree appeared to be lit from within when the sun hit it!

Our hike up and back down the river. 

The trail was beautiful and well maintained,
with long stretches of stairs...

which proved to be too much for our old Bailey,
so Mark carried her. 

The pools and falls all along the river were spectacular!

The very young and the very old, cuddled up for warmth!

Near the trail's end, where it loops back down
the other side of the river.

Falls at the swimming area.
Through a box canyon, just breathtaking!

The women and dogs waiting for the men to come to the top end of the trail
with the car. We just couldn't ask Bailey to go any further.

Beer stops were mandatory with the nephew & wife.

We went to Cooperstown and drank beer but didn't see the
baseball hall of fame?

Beer flights.  Probably pretty tasty for those that like beer.

Jasmine & Wander-Inn

We followed Dan & Athena to their home after camping.
The moon was awesome that night.

Athena & Dan, (and Princess WinterSpringSummerFall)
home sweet home. Our last night out
before heading home ourselves. 
Outing #7

Adventure Dates: October 22-26, 2015
Trip Miles: 1638
Trip Nights: 4

Total Miles:12581
Total Nights: 24

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Camp-Inn Camp-Outt

The Camp-Inn Camp Outt is an event sponsored by the builders of our Camp-Inn teardrop.  It's a lot of fun to camp with other teardrop owners and see what all the cool hacks are to make our small spaces more accommodating. And this camp out isn't just limited to those that own a Camp-Inn brand teardrop.  It's for everyone who wants to come, including those that have moved up into larger, more traditional campers. 

This event is always on the last weekend of September at the Castle Rock campground in Wisconsin, not far from their factory. 
Bailey might have been just a little jealous that Winnie
goes inside the cabin and she doesn't. 

Home Sweet Home for a couple of days.

Castle Rock Lake. It was an interesting green color.

Potluck dinner took up a lot of tables just with the selection of food!

Dutch oven made blackberry crisp!  Yum!
Outing #6

Adventure Dates: September 25-27, 2015
Trip Miles: 1189
Trip Nights 2

Total Miles: 10943
Total Nights: 20

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Amana Colonies & LeClair, Iowa

I wanted to share our new Wander-Inn adventuring with my daughter, Alyssa.  We decided on a trip north/east to the Amana Colonies.  My brief visit earlier in the summer was calling me back.  The down side of this trip was it was a long road trip with too much to see for the short time we had available. 

Still on the road at sunset, accented by bug schmear
Our campsite. The canopy blew over (and away) at night and we couldn't fold the
side tent back up. We were pretty lame campers!
We must be elegant!  Wander-Inn's theme colors and the amazing
Princess WinterSpringSummerFall aka "Winnie"

The very entertaining owner of this quaint little coffee shop in Le Clair, IA.
Sad that I don't have more photos of Le Clair from this trip.
Flowers in the Amana Colonies
Interestingly there are a lot of wineries or tasting rooms
in the Amana Colonies. Nice!
Some of our favorites for around the campfire.
We built the fire, but I pooped out before wine time.  

Wander-Inn Stats:

Adventure Dates: August 21-23, 2015
Trip Miles: 1059
Trip Nights 2

Total Miles: 9650
Total Nights: 18

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Cumberland Falls

Cumberland Falls is in the Daniel Boone National Forest in southeastern Kentucky. It's known for it's "moonbow" which I'd love to go back and see sometime.

I'm being followed by a moon shadow...

Cumberland Falls 
The trail to the falls was pretty and interesting, too.

Big Rocks! Look at the people below them.

Not for the claustrophobic!

Beautiful trail and nicely kept up!
The falls are less impressive in photos than in person. For scale, look at the following third photo and find that person in the second photo. 

Cumberland Falls

See the man on the other side?

There he is, sitting cross legged on his raft. 
Our campground was not much to write home about, but the area was beautiful and the falls quite impressive. 

No grass at all, all gravel camp sites. 

Bailey was not happy with the sharp rocks. 

Required camp fire.

 Reeces S'MORE!

A couple random area photos.

Along the river

The Cumberland River

Santa off-season or Colonel Sanders?
Wander-Inn Stats:

Adventure Dates: August 14-16, 2015
Trip Miles: 374
Trip Nights: 2

Total Miles: 8591
Total Nights: 16