Sunday, March 2, 2008

On the road again...

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Back in the St. Paul/Minneapolis airport doing the reverse trip.  I can't quite figure out why dh books direct flights for himself and sends me all around the countryside to get home.  It's all paid for by the company and he doesn't worry about saving a few bucks when he's traveling - only when I am.  What's up with that?? 
I ended up going to the design center on three separate days.  Dh went with me the second trip and we chose the exterior portions of the house.  Even though I had stressed to him and showed him photos of a color combo I really REALLY liked, he went in a totally diffferent direction.  We had talked about it the night before and I stressed how awesome this choice was, but when we got to the design center, he started making choices based on their 1x2' panels.  I was NOT happy.  I can only think of one other time in 23 years that I stressed how important something was to me just to have him ignore me.  After that visit we went back to KY and through the communities looking at exteriors again.  When I turned onto the street that the house I loved was on his eyes popped.  I wanted to slap him up aside the head!! 
He left before my last appointment at the design center, but he assured me that he would trust me on whatever I chose for the exterior.  However, he did not want the brick he'd picked out the day before.  LOL!!
I did learn an important lesson.  When you upgrade piece by piece over three visits it doesn't seem like you are spending as much as if you'd upgraded all at the beginning.  Say you start with $5,000 worth of upgrades and a day later add $2,500 more and a day later than that add another $2,500 more.  The final $10,000 doesn't feel so bad as it would have sounded on day one.  WTF, we're all going to die penniless anyway, right??
When I left KY this morning all the snow had melted and it was starting to look like spring might just be around the corner.  I understand it was snowing again in UT.  I'm ready for some tulips and daffodils in my yard.  And green grass.  And leaf buds on the trees. And some fruit blossoms on our apple, cherry and apricot trees.  I'd even go for some weeds right now if they are green and colorful....
Can't wait to get back home!!

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