Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Simply a tribute!

Mar 5, 2008

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I am so very lucky to be the mom of two incredible daughters. I simply cannot imagine my life without them. They keep my young, laughing, and always on my toes. They are the very best of the best.

Today is my tribute to Alyssa. She's my oldest. She's such a bright person and very aware and sensitive to others. She's been there for me whenever I need a shoulder. I can't say that's my proudest thing, because I am not sure kids are supposed to be so strong for their parents, when that is the parental role for the child. But she is very attuned to me and knows when I need my hugs.

Alyssa is an adult. Such a hard milestone for a parent to accept. She makes her own decisions and sometimes I don't agree with them but I try very hard to support them. Even more, I want to support her dreams and see her do and become everything that is important to her.

My mom is becoming more difficult to care for daily. When I needed to go to Cincy for a week, Alyssa offered to take an unpaid week off work to assist with her care. She has had a wonderful attitude despite how difficult it is. I am so proud of how she has stepped up to the plate and really accepted responsibility in this. It's not been a pleasant situation.

Alyssa, I want you to know how very much appreciated you are. This is a tough time in my life, seeing my mother deteriorate and slip away from us. No matter what our past has been, my Mom is my Mom and I love her dearly. What you are doing for her, and therefore me... well, I can't express it in words what it means to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are so wonderful!!

I forgot to mention that she has some other things happening in her life that are not mine to discuss... but they make me soooo proud!! You rock girl!!

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