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Mar 6, 2008

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A truly loving relationship can never be about competition. How can you say, "X number of people love me more, therefore I must be better loved than you"? And if it is said, what would it really mean? A loving relationship, man/woman, parent/child, friend/friend, human/pet, human/God or same sex love is about the love you give and your ability to receive it. If you can't accept love, how can you be truly loved?

It is possible to love the unloveable, but can the unloveable love back? If you kick your dog she comes back to you. But if you continue to kick your dog you obviously don't have the ability to return love. Your dog's love is real, but your ability to receive it is not, and you are not able to love back when you can't feel love. If your heart is not open to let love in, how can love flow out?

Love and be loved is the key to happiness. There is no accounting in relationships. Put the abacus away and simply open your heart.

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Gordon Lee

Greetings Ms. Badonkadonk
Okay, if I open my heart to a bowl of ice cream, does it love me back. No, because my dog Sparky licks the bowl when I'm done. There is no accounting, just like you said.
Thanks for giving me something to ponder, I reckon.

Gordon Lee

3 years ago

Betsy Gully

So the question is, if you love your ice cream does it return the favor?

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