Friday, November 7, 2008

On the doppler radar...

Originally posted on MySpace, Nov 7, 2008

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After lamenting the lack of autumn & winter weather coming to my community yesterday, the rain came!! Woot Woot!! It's a beautiful gray day, a lot like being home in Seattle... without the mountains!!

It actually started last night. I wasn't aware it had begun to rain, but my kitty was on the deck and when the first drop hit her I swear she tried to tear a hole in my window screen to get inside... SILLY KITTY!!

Aaaah.... it feels so nice!

7:09 PM
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Oh how I miss my Silly Kitties!!

2 years ago

Betsy Gully

Your boy is missing YOU too. He still walks around the house calling for you. But he is getting a little friendlier with me. I take that back, he did bite me yesterday or the day before. I think he has little boy PMS.

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