Friday, November 7, 2008

Pet Peeve 008 (it’s a 3in1 or a Threefer....)

Originally posted on MySpace, Nov 7, 2008

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This could actually be two pet peeves rolled into one.... the first being my poor memory and not being able to remember anything for more than three seconds. Oh, no, four or five seconds might be too long - I might be able to actually use information if I could remember it that extra 2 or 3 seconds!!!

Okay, the real pet peeve I came to peeve about is those squiggly letters you have to decipher to get to certain places on the internet, or to save changes made to your profile. I understand why they exist and why they are all wiggly and squiggly, but honestly, can you even read them?? Sometimes I have to go through five or six different sets before I can actually get one deciphered!! Is this an age related thing? Do younger people just 'get' it and type 'em all in, no prob?? In trying to find the name of those squiggly letters I came across a blog suggesting they are related to alien intelligence. I suspect there may be something to that!

Back to part 1 of pet peeve 008... which may actually make this a three part pet peeve. What I couldn't remember was the name of those collective random squiggly letters, even though I had just seen the name as I was trying to read one. Before I could get back to my blog to complain about it, the name was gone... "in da bowl... out da bowl" (old "All of Me" refference for those that don't know - a Steve Martin/Lilly Tomlin movie).

Third part of pet peeve 008? I googled everything I could think of to find that name... I even went to which I never use. Nothing, nada, zero, zilch. So I start my blog with talk of "squiggly" letters. "Squiggly!" I didn't google "squiggly!" Is "squiggly" even a word? Apparently it is because googling "squiggly letters" gave me the answer that I was looking for...after I gave up looking. The name for those dang squiggly letters is a "Captcha." Doncha just hate that???

Now I gotta run along. Why? Because I decided I wanted to know what a "peeve" is anyway. Oh, please, don't get me started!! Now I'll probably be spending all day on

btw.. did you hear about that new breed of dog called a "Bug?" Apparently it's a cross between a Pug and a Boston Terrier... now I gotta go google bug breed...

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