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Saturday I participated in a vendor fair for a haughty totty members only dinner club. It was a lot of fun and the view was fantastic... over looking Ken Griffey Jr.'s $7 million condo in one direction. It was pouring down rain but that only made it more cozy inside. I did my own shopping from other vendors- Longaberger & Pampered Chef happen to be two of my faves! However, all those little grey haired ladies in their Liz Clayborne and Ann Taylor clothes, their diamond studded hands and wrists clinging to wine glasses were not the "crafty" types and my sales sucked! LOL. If I only had a dollar for every lady who said, I wish I could find somebody to do this for me...." I should have been reminding them that it's gift giving season and maybe their daughers and daughters-in-law would love my product! Fortunately, other vendor typically are crafty people so it wasn't a total bust!

I was feeling pretty good, but tired driving home in the rain. When I walked in the house Mark was standing in the hallway, looking upset, with a cane in his hand. Our friend Harriett had fallen in the bathroom and cut her eyebrow. We got her back to bed (using Mom's walker) and sat down in the living room. About an hour later we heard a crash and Mark ran into the kitchen and found her on the floor in the pantry. She had passed out and fallen again.

This morning she fell once again. She doesn't understand that she really needs to use the walker. We brought her to the hospital. This has been my day, the hospital. Along with the fainting and falls she hasn't been able to keep anything down. She'd barely eaten anything on her tray this evening and it came back up within seconds. Her head and neck hurt (of course) and she's having pain in her stomach. I don't know if we can bring her home again unless she can start eating again. Her weight is 104 now. She's lost more than half her body weight. I am so terrified of her falling and breaking a bone since the cancer is in her bones, too.

I'll probably stay here in the hospital with her tonight. I don't know what the plan will be tomorrow. Hopefully a social worker will be available to talk to us about some options.

Please keep Harriett in your prayers tonight, tomorrow and on. Thank you.

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Kari Fisher Williams

Harriett is in my prayers and so are you sweetie.

Hope you have a peaceful night.


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