Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Look, look, lookin’...

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out my backdoor....

Standing at my kitchen sink this morning and looking at nothing in particular out my window, I suddenly realized that my neighbor's back yard was in motion. A dozen or so little birds playing red light green light... scurrying about and stopping suddenly to listen for worms, then scurrying some more. They so blended in with the grass that I wasn't even aware they were there at first. Then I noticed squirrels darting about as well. Right there in front of me was a very active community, busy with the activities of their day and mostly overlooked and unseen by human eyes. Only Mr. Willy, the ground hog wasn't present this morning.

What a beautiful world these creatures have. They are there, whether we see them or not.

Looking out the other window I could see Mr. Squirrel perched on a little broken branch far off the ground, taking care of his business. This perch is a popular one and fought over regularly.

Didn't believe he was in that other photo? Here he is, up close and personal and so very out of focus! (Gotta figure out this camera! LOL) Now go back to the previous photo and find him - he is there!!

This view is out the same window, just a little more centered. These tree branches are as low as they appear over our deck, definite headknockers. Also they are the branches the little kama kazi bird returned to after bashing against our window. This tree produces a nut we were told are "pig nuts." They are marble sized and EVERYWHERE!! I finally googled them to learn they are a hickory nut (who knew?!) and there is more than one variety. Some are delicious and others are so bitter even the squirrels reject them. Guess which ones we have...

However, even though the fruit is too bitter to harvest, the squirrels love this tree. They will need to learn that hiding in trees without leaves is not so clever. I suspect they will soon curl up in their nests and hide away for the winter.

I think our geese have already flown south. I miss them!

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