Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just in case you missed these....

Originally published on MySpace, Nov 6, 2008

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Some of my favorite statuses I've seen today...

NoWaxMeFunFeets woke up in a new country today. Thank goodness it was this one and not because I had to move to Canada. Mood: energetic

jenny elizabeth is back on the america team :D Mood: excited

Connie is so very proud of her fellow Americans right now. Congratulations - and THANK YOU!!!! Mood: hopeful

Krissy GObama!!! Mood: proud

Alyssa HECK YEA GOBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mood: ecstatic (slightly edited, lol)

Corinne There's DANCIN' in the STREETS my friends!!! Capitol Hill just exploded! Mood: jubilant

Kari Hey BUSH.... YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!! Mood: Obamafied!!

Ms. Main best birthday my hubby could have! Mood: hopeful

From Facebook...

Sharin L**** is excited for a new President! I get to go to breakfast this week-by myself! Whoo Whoo.

Jinnell L**** is celebrating Obama's big win!

April D***** is watching HISTORY!

Chelsea B****** is absolutely ecstatic! HOORAY for DEMOCRACY!!!!


Kathleen G**** is SOOOO Happy!!!!!

There's lots more but I decided not to duplicate. Happy Day America!!

I know it's not necessarily a happy day for everyone, but I sincerely hope that if the roles were reversed, I'd graciously accept it. I never took this win as a done deal and I was totally preparing myself for today if America had voted the other way. Thank you, God, they didn't!

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