Thursday, October 2, 2008

"What’s up?" you ask....?

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Life has been a little crazy for a while and I think it could be slowing down to a steady "nuts." I'll take this opportunity to fill you in a little.

My daughter Krissy decided to attend school in Logan, UT and we took a couple of trips up there. It's beautiful and she got quite clever with taking photos out the window of the van as the scenery sped by us. Most of these were from our early spring trip. It was much greener when we moved her up there.

And of course the camera was not always focused outside the car on the scenery.....

Krissy on campus....?

We got a couple of photos with those she loves before she left for her big college adventure ...

Krissy & Harriett:

And of course Krissy & her best buddy Tony!!

On the long long five day drive from Utah to Kentucky we stopped often for the dog to pee & exercise, but getting photos wasn't top of my list, unfortunately. So I decided to try my own hand at taking photos from the car. Probably shouldn't have been doing so while driving, though... ooops!

Wyoming. Flat. Pretty clouds, though!

More flat Wyoming - this is my photo of the train!

The little white sticks on the horizon are windmills. I love them!!

Closer look at my windmills.

The only view from the driver's seat that's not flat. I think this is still in Wyoming, west of Cheyenne. I must have given up taking "driving the car photos" after this. That or I found even less to impress me.

I can't remember the name of this town. We stopped to give Bailey a break in this cool park we found and rested a little in the shade. Poor kitties never got a break until we hit the new hotel room each night.

And if you turned around and looked behind us on the same street, this is what you'd see:


Here's another genetics question... Is sticking your tongue out a genetic trait? Are some people physically incapable of keeping it in?

It's not a pretty thing and I think if it is genetic, we need some serious genetic counseling for future generations!!

Here we are being our usual cute & sweet selves....

There is lots of animal nature in our new neighborhood. Ever wonder what geese do in a windstorm? A "hurricane speed winds" windstorm?

Apparently they hunker down and face the wind... probably praying it doesn't get any worse! This is just a little bit away beside our house.

This guy lives in our neighbor's back yard. Apparently there were even more of him in the spring....

And this next one is the guy I found hanging around our house - literally on the screen. If you watched my YouTube you have already met him and his impressive dance sequence.

I haven't gotten any photos of the deer, crickets, cicadas, june bugs or squirrels we've seen (or sometimes just hear). I'll try to get those for future photo blogs.

My hair was getting way too gray so Alyssa helped me color it -dang it if it didn't go completely BLACK!! I think I look like one of those old ladies with the crepey white skin and jet black hair that doesn't understand that at some point you really do need to let your hair go gray. Ugh!! Alyssa on the other hand thought I just looked EMO.

and of course the emo-mirror & flash shot....

So that's about it for now - you've been officially caught up on my life. I'll just leave you with this thought...

It's not who you are or what you do in life, but it's all in the attitude!!!

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    Alyssa Gully

    i love my mommy and grandmommy!!!!
    and i miss both of them!

    2 years ago

      Betsy Gully

      We miss you too.... come home! (wink-wink)

      Why are you reading all these old blogs???

      2 years ago

    Corinne Spranger

    Very cool photos, Bets! And I love the black hair, seriously. More Snow White than Frank-n-Furter, trust me! Also, love the pic of Harriet and you cute kid. Hugs, C

    2 years ago

      Betsy Gully

      To be honest, the hair is growing on me. The worst part of it is that the gray is 100 times more obvious at the root. Thus, the short cut which makes it harder to see the roots. If I keep it this way for any length of time I am definitely going to have to keep on top of Ms. Clairol!!

      2 years ago

    Athena Wahlstrom

    I really like the fourth picture... it's the mountain scenery one... Awesome.

    I might steal it, for a background at work.

    Atleast when you guys stick your tongues out, they point... I had a problem as a teen/young adult ALL my pictures had some tongue!

    I had NO idea you had preying mantises! I wanna see all the other wildlife pictures too...!

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