Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pet Peeve 002

Originally posted on MySpace Sep 27, 2008

Current mood:annoyed

A few years back my daughter came home and informed us that the skin on the outside of the elbow is called your "gweenis" and it has no nerves. At that time she began pinching my elbow and saying "Gweenis!" at random times. She thinks it's just soooooo funny and that I should too since it can't possibly hurt. The problem is it's incredibly annoying to me, such as many things are after the first couple of times experiencing them (funny once or twice, then no so much). Eventually she dropped saying 'gweenis' and would just pinch my elbow.

I have to be honest, my daughter finally did outgrow her gweenis pinching obsession, but not until I actually yelled at her a few times for doing so. Then, a few weeks ago she slipped up and "gweenis'd" me again. ARGH!!!!!

btw... I tried to google gweenis and got nothing. Apparently the correct word is "wenis" (rhymes with penis) but I prefer the original version.

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