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I have a section on my profile where I've listed all the things I was going to (and now do) miss about Utah. I thought I'd follow up with things I am beginning to appreciate in Kentucky.

We do have deer in our back yard. There was a doe and two fawns or yearlings chowing down on the leaves and fallen branches after the remnants of Ike passed through. Although I really miss my quail we have cute little yellow birds (Goldfinches?) in our tree and an amazing variety of birds and color in the grasses growing on the lot next door. The lake beside us attracts Canadian Geese and they fly in so close to us it feels like you can reach up and touch them. Our neighbor's back yard appears to be the home of a groundhog... he's a big dude and we get a glimpse of him occasionally. And we get to see squirrels again!! I missed squirrel in Utah. I also really like that our back yard drops down into a gully and then back up to the houses on the street behind us. That gully is filled with trees and underbrush and possibly even a little stream. The trees will all drop their leaves soon and we will be exposed to our neighbors across the way, but it's so green and secluded right now.

People actually slow down and stop when lights turn yellow here. In Utah yellow just meant "go very very fast!!" and there were usually at least 2 cars that pushed the red light. I have to re-adjust my thinking again and actually stop when the yellow is about to turn.

Our deck is the best... we had a nice patio and back yard in Utah, but I really really like my new deck! We had dinner outside tonight since the weather has turned from sauna to pleasant and then played three handed cribbage. I have to gloat because I won, but it was a close game all the way around.

Lys and I ran some errands today and there are areas that still have no power. Target must have been running a generator. There was no music in the store and only half their lights were on. The outside doors were open so they got some fresh air inside. It was sort of eerie and sort of cool. The Petsmart next to them was closed and the traffic light at the closest intersection was out. It's hard to realize how much damage that storm did here since we came through it without a single light flicker. We do still have to figure out where that shingle goes, though.

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Athena Wahlstrom

What I think you're coming into now is my favorite part about moving... and you thought I was crazy! ;-) :-P Anywho, I am actually REALLY glad to know that you are feeling settled in and welcome... and adjusting to new fun things... HOWEVER!
I had NO idea you were so effected by the hurricanes. Dan asked me if I could think of anyone we knew in Texas so I didn't really keep as much attention to the storm as I would have... had I known. I feel bad I wasn't as in touch with that... BUT I am very glad to hear it was mostly not very consequential.

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