Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh No!! Not again!! I can’t take it anymore....

Originally published on MySpace, Oct 31, 2008

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I am sitting quietly in my living room, enjoying my book and suddenly,


Out of the corner of my eye I barely see something slam against my window. My first thought is "WTF!! Who's throwing stuff at my window!?!?" Then the next thought, the one I know is true, is, "Not again!! Another bird has hit!"

I rush to the window and look down to see a small yellow & gray bird lying dead on the patio. I go outside and down stairs and turn him over and wonder how hard he must have hit to be so totally dead so quickly. Then I notice something moving in the grass to my side. A robin is laying dazed & confused it's beak opening and closing trying to breathe. I realize now the gray & yellow bird is an older casualty and the robin is the newest victim. I pick him up and carry him back up to my deck. He's dead by the time I get there.

My house is now officially the Burmuda Triangle of the bird fly zone. Birds take off and never return home when they venture near our house. We've had 4 (FOUR!!!) feathered buddies die against our windows in the three months we've lived here. One other I am aware of managed to flap his way back to a branch low over my deck. He sat on that branch for over 30 minutes and finally was able to fly away. I did go and pet him and check on him after he first hit - I was ecstatic to see him eventually take off! But what's next? One of the geese that land just 50 or so yards away on the lake?

I don't know what to do. It breaks my heart every time one of these little creatures hits, breaks his neck and dies. I've looked at the windows from the outside and what I can determine is that they perfectly reflect the sky and the birds are going full throttle when they hit, believing there is no reason not to be.

Hanging something inside the window won't deter them since it's the sky's reflection that is fooling them. Anyone have any other ideas to keep these beautiful little birds alive? I'm so sad this is happening...

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