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DH and I saw "W" last night. I am not sure what to make of it. It seemed to be a fair, even handed portrayal of the man, pretty much avoiding any real controversial political comment. I'm okay with that, but even as a video portrait of the man, I felt it lacked something. I am not sure I can put my finger on it.

Of course I can never know how accurate the movie is, but I hoped to come away feeling something. I'm not trying to take a pro or con Bush stand here, I just wanted to feel something - either an understanding of his former popularity or to have my own view of the man validated. What I felt more than anything was a slight sadness.

The movie ends four years ago and doesn't touch on the man during his second term. I do wonder, however, what is next for W. What is this man thinking or feeling as his presidential time winds down.

One thing I did strongly feel is that I want to know more about Laura Bush. This first came about while listening to an NPR program a week or so ago, and then further fed during this movie. Is there a good (fair and accurate) biography of Laura Bush I should read?

I'd really like to know what others think of this movie.

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