Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pet Peeve 003

Originally published on MySpace, Oct 12, 2008

This peeve is in honor of Markey who reminded me just how much this annoys me! Thanks Markey...

Pet Peeve 003 is about people who don't think you have any business inquiring about their whereabouts or when to expect them home/back/whatever. In some cases, this is completely true. But often there are others involved and that makes is simple courtesy to at least give some basic details.

I understand the young adults who are exercising their new freedoms and don't want to be responsible to anybody, but I don't think that disregards the responsibility of courtesy. If you are living with other people, whether its your parents, a college roommate or just a friend, and you are leaving for the evening, day, weekend or whatever, I believe it is simple courtesy to let the people you live with know when you expect to return. And if something comes up and you will be delayed or changed your plans, you owe them an update. I don't care if you provide details or not, but if I expect you in my home at 10:00 pm and you aren't there I am going to start worrying. And to not update me is simply rude and discourteous.

I had a boss that didn't think he needed to let anyone know why he left the office or when he would return. This not only was unprofessional in my opinion, but it led to a lot of office gossip and disrespect from his other employees. A simple, "I have a meeting to attend and should be back around 'X' o'clock," would suffice (and he could have even lied if he's just give me something). As his admin assist I didn't think it would have been out of line to leave me that information, either. It would have made taking his calls a bit easier.... But he thought it just wasn't anybody's business how he spent his business time. Hm....

Can you imagine having a guest staying with you for whatever period of time who decides to take off for the day without letting you know when they expect to return? Or call you if their plans change and they will be later? In this day of cell phones I find that totally unacceptable.

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