Friday, January 8, 2010

When Things are Tough

I procrastinate.

I procrastinate just to be lazy most of the time, but when I am up against something I just don't want to deal with I find something, anything else to do. I am blogging right now for that very reason.

Alyssa and I are taking down Christmas today. That's not so hard, but while Alyssa is packing up decorations I am trying to make room in the guest room aka Harriett's room, for some items I want stored in the closet. However, the closet is still full of Harriett's clothes.

Did I say I am a procrastinator?

So today I am packing up Harriett's clothes. Not so hard in and of itself. Fold it up and place in a bag. And I was doing really well at that until I got to the things she wore most in the last months, such as the plush red robe I gave her last Christmas. It's very warm and she was always very cold and she'd wrap it tight around her skinny little body to walk through the house to her chair. I can see her so clearly in that robe. That's what is hard. Not everything can or will evoke a memory like that, but when they hit it's like being smacked up-aside the head. .

I think of Harriett as our Pink Angel now. I don't know if she'd like that so much, but I assigned her pink for the breast cancer cause. If not today then this week end she will be doing some angel works. My plans are to take her clothes to a homeless shelter. It is so easy to drop them off at Goodwill or any 2nd hand shop, but I want these clothes to go straight to the people that need them the most. She has a lot of warm coats and hoodies and I know there are folks in desperate need of these right now. And they are in all sizes since she lost so much weight during her illness. She will be blessing a lot of people this week end.

Harriett, you know I talk to you and I know you hear me because I hear you whisper back. I love you girl friend. Be in peace.


  1. My heart goes out to you. It is not easy to pack up a very special part of your life. The essence of her love, strength and courage lives in your heart. When these items are gifted to those in need they too will be wrapped in her love.

  2. After losing my Mom to colon cancer, I feel for you, Betsy. Cancer in someone we love so much is so much more than a disease!

    The disease attacks everything about them, we watch as the body of the loved one, full of life, starts to deteriorate in front of us. For some it happens way too fast, but we pray they don't suffer too long!

    Harriet is at peace, we as Christians, know this more than anyone else. I like that she whispers to you, I also have conversations with Catherine. We talk, through prayer, every single day.

    Betsy, this is the reason I became a Radiation Therapist, to fight this horrible disease.

    Keep writing, it's very healing, we enjoy reading about the experiences, too!

    Love, Katie's step-mom!! :^)