Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saggy Breasts *Caution-Not for the Queasy*

I don't understand. When I was young I was advised and encouraged to always wear a bra. The terrors of saggy, flabby, ugly breasts in my old age was flaunted before me as the horrific consequences of not doing so. Only a bra would fight and conquer the damages of gravity if I would only wear it faithfully. I was a cup size A+.

I actually had a hard time finding bras to fit me because I was so small. They finally came out with the Barely B which was close.

I grew up in the 60's and 70's. We were the generation that burned our bras. We believed in total freedom and that include our ta-tas. Let them be free!! We would no longer bind them and crush them to our chests. We were "WOMAN" hear us roar!

But not me, I was the good girl. I followed the advice of my elders and feared, as they warned me, the looming dangers of future ugly, baggy, saggy breasts. I bound up those ta-tas absolutely sure I would be perky and bright even in my old age.

I should have looked around me as I was listening to that sage advice of my elders. I should have observed what was right in front of me even then... saggy, droopy breasts. They themselves were sporting the only possible results of age and gravity... breast droppage. I should have paid attention.

I want to know why, all these years later, do I suffer from that same affliction when I was so cautious and followed strict instructions to avoid it? My little A's have grown as I bore children and gained weight. But I continued to bind them and protect them from their "downfall." I now know that their future is/was unavoidable. I suppose it's a bit like all the things mothers don't tell others about being a parent. You just have to live it and experience it yourself. In the meantime, there are myths and rumors we tell the young and uninitiated.

Life is a fairy tale. Right from the Brothers Grimm!


  1. I've come to believe that droopy boobs are mostly caused by childbearing. My friends/relatives with no kids seem to have fared better than I. Of course, I was NEVER a B...I went from flat-chested to a D cup seemingly overnight!!! So I always had them hoisted up--no choice! But carrying two kids really did me in. Interesting commentary today, though. I very much enjoyed!

  2. Thank you, Kathy. I will now ponder the breasts of women I know without children...

  3. I thought those who were blessed with an A cup would have be spared. And why not? It wasn't like you had the excess weight of a full figure sized bust like me. What weight was there to hang down I thought. I too was misinformed by my elders. The cold hard truth is that gravity is no respector of women! These ta-tas were quickly closing the gap between my ribs and waist before I lost my weight. My bras are like fortresses holding up the world, bridge supports for the Big Mac Bridge but alas, the gap grows a little bit smaller each year. If given the opportunity I would go for an A cup and be done with daily reminder of age.