Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Has Arrived and Along With it....

Of course.

Some people prefer to call them goals. Aspirations. The new year check list.

I'll stick with resolutions. A resolution means a commitment and I need commitment in my life. Structure.

1. Healthy Eating. I could go with the old "lose weight" resolution but I am more interested in being healthy than skinny. And eating healthy should promote weight loss whereas, losing weight doesn't necessarily equate to good health if I were to focus on weight loss only.

2. Exercise More. Or exercise at all, really. I think I'll start with walking and work up from there.
3. Learn Something New. I would really like to go back to school, but if I can't do that I'll at least commit to taking some classes.

4. Pay It Forward. Although I am overweight and understamina'd I have so very much to be grateful for. With so many blessings in my life it is only right to pay it forward with charitable acts and kindnesses.

5. Celebrate Life. Remember those I love and care for by showing it more.

I think five is enough. Please share your resolutions, goals, aspirations or whatever you choose to call the priorities you set for the new year.


  1. Love that you're blogging, and I can't wait to read more. As for resolutions, I like yours! Actually, I'm working on the healthy eating AND weight loss, so I think that's a keeper for '10. I am going to start walking, and work up to other things from there. I really want to work on my level of PATIENCE! As in: I have none now, and need to figure out how to get some. So, that's probably going to be the HARDEST thing to do in 2010,

  2. I like your choice of healthy lifestyle, that is more positive than "diet" therefore more likely to be accomplished. My one and only desire is to live from my heart, fully present in each moment, giving more love and support to everyone. I guess perhaps stepping out of my self erected prison too. Doing things I didn't have the confidence to attempt...Hospice volunteer, a class in Buddhism along with a meditation class, regular yoga, tai chi or Qi Guong. Let's also not forget regular trips to Moab, Ut to get massaged...

  3. Never did make one of those trips with you...