Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Long Island Medium

I think it's about time I follow up to my post of going to see the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. 

It was an interesting and fun night spent out with my friend.  We had dinner at a new (to us) restaurant that was amazing and just made it to the theater in time for the lights to flash their warning that it was time to be seated. 

We paid well to have "good" seats near the front of the theater.  That was unnecessary as Theresa spent her time wandering around to the back of the theater.  Camera men follow her and project her and the audience onto a screen in the front of the theater.  No need to pay for 'good' seats!

So the question remains, is she real or fraudulent?  

Personally, I don't really care.  She brought hope and healing to a lot of people that night, and if it's real or not, I think that is what is important. 

As for me, I'm still on the fence.  There were one or two people that she just didn't quite connect with. One in particular that she kept going back to as if she was going to make it work. And there were others who she said things to that were quite convincing.  

I did hope that she would speak to me.  But I don't have the kind of pain that those she spoke to carried.  I wonder if I would feel more convinced if she had spoken to me?  

Here's something that I find curious, though.  And to be honest, it pushes me toward the "believing" side.  They say children are very open to "supernatural phenomenon."  I'm only using that phrase for lack of a better word at the moment.  When I was young, I think I was a little more aware of the unseen or unknown or what is to come.  The best example that I easily recall is of my pre-school years or early school years.  I was completely aware of when I was going to win something.  I can clearly recall being on a cake walk at the school carnival and "knowing" that I was going to win.  It wasn't a hope to win, it was truly knowing.  It was a feeling inside my body.  It used to be frequent and now is less so, but it was very real.  Interesting to me, that very same feeling invaded my body for the entire show.  I was almost certain I would be called on.

I know that falls a little short of my explanation of knowing vs hoping, but here's the deal.  Whoever, or whatever tells me I am going to win something, do something or find something, was there that night.  That's what I was feeling.  There were a lot of people with great expectations in that theater and many needed to hear what they heard. My need was not so great as theirs and my visit wasn't verbalized, but my "people" were there.  Of that I am certain. 

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  1. I completely understand your feeling of the unknown and although I felt it as a child, it was not understood and has become stronger as I've aged. I remember asking my mom on more than one occasion if she understood and she told me no, but my grandmother would have. I guess I consider it a blessing and a curse.