Monday, April 28, 2014

30 Days of Spring: 30 Steps, Day 3

I thought this challenge would be much more difficult than it was.  The prompt was to pick up the camera and take only 30 steps from that spot to find a subject.  Fortunately, I left my camera on a table near the front door.  Whew!

Our little Oriental Maple was leafless just a week ago, so I wanted to capture it's new coat.  More difficult than I anticipated because I did not want houses in the background.  I don't love this photo, but I decided I would keep it.  

My fascination with photographing tulips straight down continues.  I love how this photo turned out.  The contrast and colors almost make it appear to be a painting rather than a photograph.  

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  1. It's a challenge to find just the right photo without the "wrong" background at times. Enjoying your posts!