Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring Grove Cemetary & Arboretum

You may have noticed that I have dropped off the '30 Days of Spring' wagon.  My source for the prompts somehow decided it was more important to go on an exotic vacation than to stay home and take photos.  Goodness knows where her priorities are! 

However, I did go on a photo outing with my friend, Barb, to Spring Grove Cemetery.  


I have no idea how many acres this cemetery covers but it is huge and beautiful.  Think of a wonderful lovely park with ponds and stone bridges and beautiful plants and flowers in bloom... that just happens to have a few dead people buried around under your feet.

Here are just a few of the photos I took that day.  I'm still editing them, but I'll post more later. 

Turtles Catching the Morning Rays

Mausoleum in Springtime


It's kind of funny, I'm not even sure what draws me to like some of my photos, but these are my favorite of my first bunch.


  1. I love what your pictures are becoming! It is so much more than following prompts, but awakening your eyes to what lies beyond the camera lens. BTW, Hawaii was great :/)

  2. Betsy, I enjoyed seeing your pictures of the cemetery. It is a lovely place to visit. I have a great, great, great grandmother buried there. She was born on the Dominican Republic island (after her family left France during the revolution) then family fled the Haitian revolution and went to the New Orleans area. She sent her daughter to Brown County, Ohio to study with the Ursuline Nuns. The daughter married a Kentucky country boy and the mother came to this area later in life. I also have cousins on my father's side buried there. They had lived in the Mt. Adams area of the city. Anxious to go back so thanks for the pictures. I love telling that story !!

    1. Well thank you for sharing it with me! What a tumultuous time and place your GGG Grandmother lived in!