Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pet Peeve 002

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A few years back my daughter came home and informed us that the skin on the outside of the elbow is called your "gweenis" and it has no nerves. At that time she began pinching my elbow and saying "Gweenis!" at random times. She thinks it's just soooooo funny and that I should too since it can't possibly hurt. The problem is it's incredibly annoying to me, such as many things are after the first couple of times experiencing them (funny once or twice, then no so much). Eventually she dropped saying 'gweenis' and would just pinch my elbow.

I have to be honest, my daughter finally did outgrow her gweenis pinching obsession, but not until I actually yelled at her a few times for doing so. Then, a few weeks ago she slipped up and "gweenis'd" me again. ARGH!!!!!

btw... I tried to google gweenis and got nothing. Apparently the correct word is "wenis" (rhymes with penis) but I prefer the original version.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pet Peeve 001

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I HATE it when my moisurizer gets a little dried out clump at the spout. I pump some moisurizer into my hand and there it is... a lttle hard piece that's mixed in with the 'good stuff.' It drives me nuts, but there it is... EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Moving on

Autumn Sighs

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I love this time of year! It's so pretty, colorful and fun! Pumpkins and squash adorn almost every house. Kids are getting excited for the big fright night. Days are getting shorter and sunsets earlier.

I tried to find a poem to post that reveals how I feel about autumn, but it misses the mark just a bit. The second verse almost touches on it... loving to walk in autumn.... but still falls short. I may have to dig deep and write my own poem.

9:12 PM
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Kari Fisher Williams

This is one of my favorite seasons too. I don't like winter, but fall and spring are my favorites!


Thursday, September 18, 2008


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I have a section on my profile where I've listed all the things I was going to (and now do) miss about Utah. I thought I'd follow up with things I am beginning to appreciate in Kentucky.

We do have deer in our back yard. There was a doe and two fawns or yearlings chowing down on the leaves and fallen branches after the remnants of Ike passed through. Although I really miss my quail we have cute little yellow birds (Goldfinches?) in our tree and an amazing variety of birds and color in the grasses growing on the lot next door. The lake beside us attracts Canadian Geese and they fly in so close to us it feels like you can reach up and touch them. Our neighbor's back yard appears to be the home of a groundhog... he's a big dude and we get a glimpse of him occasionally. And we get to see squirrels again!! I missed squirrel in Utah. I also really like that our back yard drops down into a gully and then back up to the houses on the street behind us. That gully is filled with trees and underbrush and possibly even a little stream. The trees will all drop their leaves soon and we will be exposed to our neighbors across the way, but it's so green and secluded right now.

People actually slow down and stop when lights turn yellow here. In Utah yellow just meant "go very very fast!!" and there were usually at least 2 cars that pushed the red light. I have to re-adjust my thinking again and actually stop when the yellow is about to turn.

Our deck is the best... we had a nice patio and back yard in Utah, but I really really like my new deck! We had dinner outside tonight since the weather has turned from sauna to pleasant and then played three handed cribbage. I have to gloat because I won, but it was a close game all the way around.

Lys and I ran some errands today and there are areas that still have no power. Target must have been running a generator. There was no music in the store and only half their lights were on. The outside doors were open so they got some fresh air inside. It was sort of eerie and sort of cool. The Petsmart next to them was closed and the traffic light at the closest intersection was out. It's hard to realize how much damage that storm did here since we came through it without a single light flicker. We do still have to figure out where that shingle goes, though.

5:14 AM
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Athena Wahlstrom

What I think you're coming into now is my favorite part about moving... and you thought I was crazy! ;-) :-P Anywho, I am actually REALLY glad to know that you are feeling settled in and welcome... and adjusting to new fun things... HOWEVER!
I had NO idea you were so effected by the hurricanes. Dan asked me if I could think of anyone we knew in Texas so I didn't really keep as much attention to the storm as I would have... had I known. I feel bad I wasn't as in touch with that... BUT I am very glad to hear it was mostly not very consequential.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Jimminey Cricket Lives in My Garage!

Originally posted on MySpace Sep 12, 2008

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First, can I just say I hate my new garage? It's a real squeeze getting two vehicles inside and my passenger always has to jump out before I drive in or wait to get in when I am backing out. Kind of a pain. But then again, our garage in Seattle wouldn't even hold one car, so I guess it's all in the perspective.

We have a little cricket who has taken up residence in the garage. Once the sun goes down he sets about chirping his little chirp which echo-o-o-o-s through the garage and fills the entire house with his song - if I can call it that. Our house is one of those with an entry way that goes main floor to second floor and and you can hear and understand any conversation from anywhere else in the house. I mention that because when I say his song fills the house, I mean FILLS THE HOUSE!!

I stepped into the garage to find him the other day and he was sitting right beside a garbage can singing his little J. Cricket heart out. When he spotted me he quietly scooted away under the garbage can. After about 5 seconds he scooted back out and began his song from the beginning.

Last night Alyssa and I thought we should help him find his way outside so we cornered him and encourage him to jump toward the door and freedom. We were so proud of our goodwill accomplishment until we came inside and dh told us that a cricket means good luck. Gosh, you think you are doing the right thing and BAM! you've jinxed yourself for seven years! Maybe he'll come back in...

One fun thing about moving from state to state is realizing that there is so much cultural difference where ever you go!! One thing I don't understand is how a state only one state away from the Canadian border is considered a 'southern' state. Alyssa and I giggle behind our hands at all the y'alls we hear but the sad thing is that it's VERY easy to pick up. gah!!

Well, I don't have any beautiful new mountain photos to share as there are none here. No deer have eaten my tulips yet because it's the wrong time of year - but I have already been warned by our neighbors that they are not the best bet for my spring flowers because, just like the Utah deer, Kentucky deer are pretty fond of tulip buds, too.

I do have a little lake view right outside my sunroom window and I love that the geese fly just over the tops of our heads to land in it. They are such awesome birds - scary too, as you would know if you ever tried to feed them!

Update on our household for any that are interested.... Mom is in a nursing home now. It's a relief to have that responsibility off my shoulders, but hurts so much when she asks when she's coming home. She goes as far as to say, "It's going to take a lot of work to take care of me, but I know you won't mind." Little stinker!!

Harriett has connected with new doctors and treatment here and we have some incredibly awesome people working with us to get it all paid for. That alone is an amazing stress reliever, right?

Krissy is adjusting to school at Utah State. I think she's beyond the original nerves that plagued her and having a great experience. I am sad because I can't be there for parents' weekend this weekend, but it gives her a chance to drive back to Sandy and meet up with some of her pals there. I miss her alot!!

Alyssa is a Godsend here. She's taken on dinner by preparing menus, shopping and cooking. Gotta love it!! She's desperately looking for a job that isn't retail. I know they day is getting closer and closer that she's going to manage to find her way back to Seattle. What will I ever do without either of my girls here???

I'm sort of looking for work, too. We really need it with this new house, but I need a schedule that excludes week ends so I can play with hubby and is flexible enough to work around Harriett's chemo schedule. Working from home would be great but I am so afraid of scams I am not very eager to jump on the "opportunities" I see.

.... and what about husband you ask? Let me say that I heard him singing along with the radio the other day - a good sign in my book. I think the stress is finally starting to abate for him, too.

All in all, life is good!

9:22 PM
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    Corinne Spranger

    Hey Bets, soooooo happy for the happy update! I'm not a big cricket fan; maybe if they took requests.... I think you need a little mental health break in Seattle (hint, hint) The Puyallup Fair is on!!!! The kids and I are going Friday for Sami's 22nd birthday.

    Have a great weekend, honey! XOXOXO C

    2 years ago

      Betsy Gully

      I wish I could do the puyallup!! So stinkin' much fun!! I still listen to KMPS and I hear who's performing and I WANT TO BE THERE SO BAD!!!

      Miss ya! Thanks for stopping by!

      2 years ago

    Athena Wahlstrom

    I am glad to hear your settling in! Crickets are good luck, but I don't think you'll get worse luck for chasing them away...
    It sounds really pretty where you are- I want to seeeeeeeeee picturrrrrrrres.
    ;-) Like I am one to talk!
    Atleast you don't have raucous parties to make sleeping difficult with your huge entry way... or do you?!
    I would love to work from home too...
    I am glad to hear Mark is less stressed... it's bad for your health! ;-)
    Maybe Alyssa could go to art school in Seattle and be on the Gordon Ramsay show... Ya?
    Okay, it was a thought.
    Is there enough metropolitan bustle out there to keep a Seattle woman happy?
    Ya'll take care.

    2 years ago

    Kari Fisher Williams

    Wow!! Thanks for the update! I am glad to hear that all in all your life seems to be settling down.

    We miss you around here. Don't be such a stranger!


    2 years ago

      Betsy Gully

      Seems to be my life to ebb and flo on different parts of the internet. Isn't odd to look back and reflect what our connections and relationships were a few years ago and how they have changed and evolved?

      I do miss my friends here. I read about you and Robin and I am keeping you in my thoughts - sending out good positive energy for you both. I am happy you both decided to try to work it out.

oh joy!!

Originally published on MySpace Sep 12, 2008

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I was just looking back through the past year of blogs and they all seem to be about old or sick people or the move to KY.


I'll try to make anything new a little more interesting, right?

For anyone looking for my book reviews, I've switched to reviewing my reads on a Facebook application - Visual Bookshelf. You can find me and add me as a friend on Facebook with this email:

Then add the Visual Bookshelf and keep totally up to date on my book reviews.

The book posted below is a recent favorite!! Check it out!!

10:42 PM
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    Jeannie Corby Becker

    I do not nor did not find any of your blogs boring. I too have a facebook page.

    You can find me on there under this email:

    I am however confused... I thought you were moving to Ohio.

    If you want to see some beautiful mountains check out Allegany Forest in South Western PA
    if you are close to PA that is.

    I am happy to hear you are finally getting some much needed stress relief.

    Have a great weekend.



    2 years ago


    Seems everyone's migrating to Facebook these days (including me!) Although I still haven't quite figured out how one "blogs" over there....nor, since Facebook is being used by my company/co-workers as a networking application, am I totally convinced that it's "safe" to blog under such circumstances even if I could figure out how to do so! Off to look you up on fb! :o)