Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wasted days and wasted nights...

(from my former MySpace blog)

Not really wasted in the alcoholic sense or the true sense... 
Mom is in the hospital again... 2nd time in two weeks.  It's a strain and a drain to spend so much time in the ER.  I think our shortest time spent in ER is 4 hours.  That was today.  
She had another spell and this time we called the paramedics. I think that has probably been her plan all along... get three incredibly good looking guys to come fuss over her and take her away in a huge fire truck.  I have to say I did offer to take her place in the truck.... 
Don't know yet what is wrong.  This time they said she is very anemic and gave her two units of blood.  In the a.m. they will do an endoscopy (right word?) to see if she is bleeding in her stomach.  I hope they don't want to send her home after only one night again.  She's just too weak to come home so soon. 
On the up side... I should have my Phoenix photos back by tomorrow and I got a little promotion at work.  Woot Woot. 
I should be in bed now, asleep, but I feel a bit wound up.  Send up your good thoughts and prayers, k?

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