Friday, March 16, 2007

Phoenix a hecka long way from Sandy, UT. Especially by car. But OMHeck, there is such incredible scenery between the two.  And I love Love LOVE road trips!
Unfortunately I left home without my camera, or maybe fortunately because I would still be in the car on the road if I had stopped to photo every awesome sight I saw. 
Of course leaving Sandy means driving through the amazing mountains that surround my home.  Traveling south the mountains change dramatically in shape and color and although sometimes the scenery stretches for miles without a significant change, it's all so unbelievably beautiful that long stretches are simply okay and easy to "endure." The colors and textures of the landscape, living or mineral, are such a gift to the eyes and spirit. From sea to shining sea our country is amazing.
And I still have not seen the Grand Canyon.  I can't even imagine what kind of an impact that will have on me when the day comes. 
Now, ten or eleven hours after leaving home (no, we didn't run away, everyone knows where we went...) we are enjoying our down time before bed and in just another 12 hours will be sitting in the stands ready to enjoy spring training watching the Mariners.  Woot woot!!  I miss my Mariners since they aren't on TV in Utah and these three games in the next three days will have to be my 'fix' for this season. Phoenix is having record breaking high temps right now - should be an interesting time!  I have my sunscreen and peanuts... just waiting for that first pitch!

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