Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wandering Around Oregon (Oregon or Bust: Part 2)

After a kick-back day of no road travel, Krissy & I headed to Portland, Oregon to grab Mark from the airport and then head to Madras, Oregon. The wedding was to take place in a couple of days, but guests were encouraged to arrive early and play.

Not too rough of a river, but it did have its moments.
About 1/4 of the wedding guests who went rafting.

"Playing" included river rafting on the Deschutes.

Desert nights are a cool contrast to the days.

Bonfires & Singing.

Was it the Yucca Yucca game?
Drinking Games.

Of course the next day was all about the wedding.  And of course the celebration!

My brother, sister-in-law & niece.
The bride & groom
I have to include a photo of the man who married them.

Day three of the wedding festivities we were fed an awesome breakfast prepared by the Reverend and his wife. Before I say goodbye to Madras, I have to share the view.

There's a lot of foreground in this photo, but look at those mountains!
Mt. Hood from the bride & groom's home.
We then hit the road for Medford.

Spelunkers, Mark & Krissy
Along the way we stopped to explore a lava tube cave near the Lava Butte.

While Krissy had to go back to work, Mark & I explored a little of southern Oregon.

I just can't imagine this was once a mountain!
We drove to Crater Lake, another fond childhood memory. Then Mark took Wander-Inn and went fishing for two days. 

Is that a Trout Slayer beer?
The Mightly Umpqua
The Bounty!
 Then off to see the Redwoods and the Pacific Ocean.

Krissy in the Redwoods
Battery Point Lighthouse in Crescent City, California
Enjoying the beach in Brookings, Oregon
The time came when we had to say goodbye to Krissy and Oregon and head north.  We took our time and incorporated a side trip to Mount St. Helens.  As a Washington native I had never visited the site of our active volcano. Shame on me! 

We camped at the Silver Lake Resort.
Mount St. Helen 35 years later.
We ended finally in Seattle where Mark & I parted ways.  He took Wander-Inn and headed east for Kentucky and I hung out with my niece and her husband and Krissy joined us for the 4th of July.

Our new group, aka "The Betsys"
That's it for my part of this cross country trip with Wander-Inn.  As soon as I can steal some photos from Mark, I'll try to blog his leg of the journey home to Kentucky.

Next: Part 3, Mark's trip home

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