Monday, June 15, 2015

Our First Adventure with Wander-Inn

We bought a trailer. A tear drop trailer.  It's a pretty awesome little unit and just perfect for us.  

We named her Wander-Inn

My husband is a little younger than I am which means he is not going to be retiring as soon as I wish he was. So I refer to our trailer as our weekend retirement vehicle. It's my way of starting our retirement one day at a time. 

Our teardrop was built by Camp-Inn in Necedah, Wisconsin. June 5th was our adoption day.  Of course we were super excited to see our little camper for the first time.  We spent the day getting acquainted with our new silver baby before heading back to Madison to spend the weekend with some old friends. 

Phil & Catherine, friends from church, in the old days before kids.

A couple of days later we were on the road again heading home from Madison.  Once out of the city it became my turn to tow the trailer and begin my "training" for my upcoming long solo trip. The wind kicked up as we approached Champagne, Illinois and then


Our two month old tow vehicle developed a very serious sounding noise. We pulled off the freeway, examined under the chassis, under the hood and anywhere else we could think of, and found nothing. So we googled the closest Honda dealership and slowly and carefully limped our way to it. 

Yes, we pirated some power for the night.

Husband found a power outlet in a protected area between two buildings so we set up camp.  First night in our camper and we had power, which meant AC and a defense against the sweltering humidity. We had planned to drive all the way home that day and this is not how we expected to spend our first night in our teardrop. Not only were we squatting at the Honda Dealership, we endured an awesome thunder and lightning storm. Between the flashing and booming, rain coming down in buckets, and fear of a police officer tapping his flashlight on the door, little sleep was to be had that night. 

Looking out toward our "camp spot" from the dealership lobby.

Monday morning we introduced ourselves to the very kind and accommodating staff at the dealership. They gave us coffee! And then they proceeded to inspect our car. It went up on the rack, was driven with and without the trailer, and finally the serviceman came to give me the "good news:" they couldn't find anything wrong with the car. 

Not My Idea Of Good News

Good news would be, "We found the problem and fixed it."


So we paid our bill, headed out to find some breakfast (aka Starbucks) and got on our way. Of course smooth sailing the rest of the way home just wasn't in the cards. Not yet. About 15 minutes down the freeway Husband turned the radio off and cocked his head. "No!" I said. "I don't hear anything!" But just like before it was starting out softly and building to a horrible noise.  I knew they should have found something at the dealership! I needed to get off the freeway and quickly jabbed the brakes. Then the horrible awful no-good noise stopped. Just like that. Gone. 

The rest of the journey home was uneventful. 

Thank goodness. 

Adventure dates: June 4-8, 2015
Miles: 604  
Nights: 1

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