Monday, March 23, 2015

I Worked in the Garden Today!

It's no secret that gardening is not my thing.  
I pretty much hate it. 

Then I read this article:  

So I thought I should at least give it a chance.  

I've been in the dirt 2 or three times in the past week.  Just a little at a time.  And when I say "little" think minutes, not hours.  

The results?  

I like being outside. 
My little patches of work are looking nicer each time. 
My dog & cat both like me being outside.  
For Bailey it means I'll throw her toy every time she brings it back to me. 
For Zori it's just being outside, because she won't go out unless the dog or one of her people is out with her.  

So I think I'll keep at it.  Just a little each day, although every time I spend a little longer than the time before.  Maybe I will grow to like this. 


  1. Yeah! How fun? Glad you took a chance and ventured outside...Just enjoy this moment...
    Reading this kind of inspires me to begin a new blog...
    Love the pics of Ms. Bailey and Zori...

  2. Being outside here is only enjoyable in the spring and fall. Summer is too humid and winter is too frigid!