Thursday, September 23, 2010

Go Ahead, Make My Day...

This is another story that occurred in the dark ages. No kids in our lives yet, still a dink couple.

Remember that acronym? Double Income No Kids? D.I.N.K.

Mark was driving for Schucks and usually had a late run on Fridays which sort of cut into our weekends. Not to mention it made me a little nervous that he was on the road on a Friday night when the bars were closing and the drunks were hitting the streets. That was another lifetime ago and fortunately, he survived it.

I'm not sure why it happened but Mark informed me that he was off on an upcoming Friday and what would we like to do? OMG, there are so many options when you are dinks and free to go and do whatever you feel like!! We started tossing ideas into the pot and tentatively making plans.

Then "IT" happened. Mark told me that his friend Al had tickets to the Mariners and he was going to spend Friday night with Al. I was so mad I couldn't even speak. I don't recall if we really had an all out fight or if I just went into Silent Mode. I think it was the latter, because I seem to remember Mark continued to putt around with blinders on, not even noticing that I was mad... which of course just added fuel to the fire. He might as well have sprayed me with lighter fluid and got out the marshmallows to roast over the bonfire that was my anger, I was that hot!

Friday morning I went through my usual routine and off to work. Sometime during the morning he gives me a call and asks if I want to have lunch with him. I grudgingly agree to, but know in my heart I am going to do all I can to make that lunch miserable for him. How dare he blow off our weekend for a Mariner game that he's not even taking me to?

How Dare He!

Mark shows up at my job and pops his head into my boss's office and chit chats with him while I am grabbing my purse. I stood outside the door with a sour face plastered on while he makes nice with my boss. GRrrr... Then he asks if I am ready and walks me out to the car. He's such a gentleman and opens the door for me.


Doesn't he get that I am mad? M. A. D. MAD!! Does he have a brick for a brain that he can't even read this level of emotion??

He pulls out of the parking lot and heads to the freeway telling me he knows a great little place to go to lunch. Nice, Dude, whatever. We are on the freeway about 15 minutes and I'm starting to get a little anxious on top of my mad. Mark knows I only have a 45 minute lunch break, what the heck? He's going to take me to some "great little place" at which I'll have to gobble down my meal in three minutes flat to get back to work on time? My husband is not scoring any points with me. So much so that he is way below zero and far into the negative points. He's going to owe me big time by the time this is all behind us and I deign him worthy of speaking to again.

Finally, 20 or 30 minutes into the drive I have to speak to him and I start with as much sarcasm as I can muster.

"You do know I only have 45 minutes for lunch."

He responds with some off hand, perfectly calm, oblivious to my mood answer. He points to the glove box and tells me to open it. Again, What.Ever!

In the glove box is a card, and in this card are three little words:

Are you ready for this? It's not the usual three little words...


He tells me my boss is not expecting me back at work this afternoon. He tells me my clothes are all packed in the back of the car. He tells me we are off to the cabin (yes, that cabin!). And he tells me he loves me and wants to spend this rare weekend with me, not Al.

He even packed my cross stitch project and the book I was reading. What a guy!

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