Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pop, pop-pop, POP!

Spring is nosing it's way gently out of the ground with the soft popping noises of spring bulbs, cautiously looking for warmth & sun and hoping no more snowflakes will fall upon their beds. I am anxiously awaiting the fragrance of these Hyacinths!
Tiny bits of greens and reds are appearing in my garden beds, Hyacinths, Tulips and Daffodils are sending up shoots, preparing the way for their colorful blooms to follow.

They appear a little stronger each day, anticipating their safety in the form of my deer and rabbit spray... Salad nibblers are not invited. To show up and nibble on these future blooms would just be rude!
All six of my Day Lillys are starting to poke through. The drive will be lined with beautiful yellow and reddish lillys when they mature!

Our Rhodie seems to have survived the snows and will bring us fond memories of the Pacific Northwest as it grows and blooms.

This gift from a former neighbor is a memorial to Harriett. We look forward to this Azalea blooming!!

Also popping into view is the progress of the house going in next door between us and the lake - what a WHOPPER!! I think it's actually going to be less intrusive than I expected. This view is looking around the corner from our sun room. Much less will be visible when we use the sun room. But I will miss the activity of the fowl on the lake!

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