Thursday, March 11, 2010

How Sweet is This?

My husband, Mark, is not a fan of birthday cake. This simple fact is nearly incomprehensible to me as I am a great lover of cake with lots of frosting. The more frosting the better! Give me the corner piece, the one with all the frosting roses and extra trim frosting.... yummy!! My plate will never be the one with the frosting scraped of a piece of cake that has only four or five bites taken out of it. Isn't that a bit sacrilegious to the baker? Really?

But he does have a favorite birthday dessert. He was born in February, close to Washington's birthday which of course brings up the Cherry Tree story. In the old days, before Washington's birthday became "Presidents' Day" we all seemed to have cherry something or other (pie, cake, cobbler, etc) in February in honor of our first president. Mark's choice is Cherry pie. It's a very special treat to him since, when he was growing up, a couple of people in his family couldn't eat cherries so they were seldom on the menu in any form. His desire for Cherry Pie as his birthday dessert continues. This year I made a chocolate cherry cheesecake instead.

So what is a good mom for? To give you what your heart desires! Mark's birthday box from his mother included the pie plate, the crust (in a box) and the cherries (in a can). Since we've moved so far away it was the only way she could send him his birthday Cherry Pie. Don'tcha love it??? I do!!!

As for me, my birthday treat will be a little different this year. Recall I have given up sweets for lent. Actually for health since I am not Catholic, but I thought I'd follow the 40 day plan.

I didn't think ahead about my birthday falling within those 40 days, but what the heck. So I don't have cake for my birthday, not really such a big deal right now. But Mark kept saying he'd do something savory for me. That didn't really appeal to me either. Then I remembered having Port & Stilton... OMG, I just about drool just thinking of it!!

Dinner was too big last night to desire this treat after... so tonight is the night! I just can't wait!! There's also some fruit & bread involved. Heck, this might be dinner!! Oh Yum!!

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