Sunday, June 1, 2008

Life sucks - but then you graduate anyway....

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Well, it's now official. Not one of our relatives not already living with us will be here for Krissy's graduation.

G'ma Gully will be having surgery on the day of graduation. That's not something that could be helped.

Mark's brother Mark was going to fly out, but his wife is having trouble with her pregnancy and in and out of the hospital. Not a good time for him to be out of town.

His son Tim was going to drive out and get here last week. He and Krissy had an entire trip planned for after graduation ending up back in Seattle. Turns out he didn't have the time off until today, when he was going to leave and drive all night. He just called because he drove off with his wallet on the car and now it's lost - no license or money. And then got called in for work (guess he was on call even tonight after all....).

That last one just did Krissy in. All the effort we've put out for travel to weddings and graduations and such the last three years... It really sucks how much (little) we've been visited here. Especially now when it's my baby's most important day of her life so far.

I know those are some pretty good reasons for not coming. I'm sure everyone one else that's not here has their own good reasons, too. I guess life is just not always reciprocal. That would be asking too much.

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