Monday, February 25, 2008

Sittin’ and waitin’ and wishin’ & hopin’

I am currently sitting in the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport waiting for my connecting flight to Cincy. It leaves at 1:00 which is a LONG time from now - especially if you consider I was up at the butt-crack (thanks Alyssa, for that descriptive word) of dawn to catch my flight here. 
This airport is HUGE.  My flight docked about 3 miles from where my connecting flight takes off, and for that I am happy that I have a 3.5 hour wait. I was worried about not getting enough exercize. Ha!!  After a walk that included about 10 moving walkways and an incredibly short tram ride (about 1/2 block - what was the point of that??!!) and more moving walkways, two down escalators and two more up escalators, I am parked outside the gate for Cincy.  I am in a little enclosure where others have plugged in their laptops and pulled out their cell phones and conducted their business so I thought I would as well.  However, suddenly, they have all disappeared and I have become the lady that looks like she knows something.  If one more person comes up and asks me about their flight, I may have to pack up and resort to reading. 
Seems several flights have been cancelled from here due to fog today and I am only praying that i don't become one of them.  I've been there before and I do empathize with these stranded passengers... not to mention the airport employees that take the brunt of the frustration.  Ick - not for me!
If I make it to Cincy today I am really excited about the task ahead. Heck, I love all of it.  I know Mark hates travelling so much, but he does stay at the downtown ***** (encoded for my privacy!  LOL) with all the great amenities and the big ol' lavish and comfy bed.  A whole week, no cooking, cleaning or nothing! Better yet, no taking Mom back and forth to the bathroom, bedroom, livingroom or all the nasty stuff that goes along with that. I love her but....!!  Thanks Alyssa & Harriet!!
Mark is leaving Cincy on Friday, home in Utah for less than 24 hours and then flies out to go skiing with his buddies at Whistler.  I am envious but he didn't fly me out of Cincy until Sunday so I figure I am in for a good full two days of SHOPPING!!  I simply am NOT going to complain about that! 
Stay tuned for the photos that will be appearing shortly. 

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