Friday, February 22, 2008

Hi ho, hi ho, To O-Hi-O I go...

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We did it.  We negotiated an offer with a builder for a new home in Northern Kentucky.  Hubby will be working in Cincy, across the river, but we will be living in the beautiful Kentucky countryside.
So we have the lot in our preferred community, we have the house design we love, we have the financing and now I get to go and pick out all the details... that means I am off to the design center. 
Never lived in an all new home before and I am soooo excited!! I'd love to post a picture but the one I have is a bit different from what we are building. I plan to take a photo of the model home when we are there this time and I'll share that when I come back.
We didn't get the first lot we made an offer on - long story - but the lot we did get was Mark's first choice, my second choice, so it's still all good.  We back onto a gully with shrub & trees that seclude us from our back yard neighbors. We will be just one house away from a community area and pathway that leads to the pool and there is also a small lake or pond that Bailey is absolutely going to LOVE swimming in. 
I'm not entirely sure what to expect at the design center.  I was told to allow at least eight hours.  One of Mark's co-workers is building in a community owned by the same builder and he said his wife took 3 days to complete the design center appointment. Yikes! I think it's going to be things like choosing our countertops, flooring, paint colors, etc.  I wish I could take some helpers along with me.  It's starting to sound like a whole lot of pressure... fun, definitely, but pressure, too!
This is going to make moving a bunch more fun!!

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