Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bunny’s new life

Originally Published on MySpace on Jan 6, 2008

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A bit before the holiday season I found a new home for my bunny. He didn't get the attention he needed or deserved living with me and in his best interest I relocated him.
My third daughter, Jenny, took him to live with her menagerie.  He moved in with three other bunnies and an assortment of other living creatures. As you may imagine, things weren't all peaches and cream at first but he wasn't banished from the island. Two of the bunnies showed mild interest in him and the third was rather snooty. She would sit in front of his bunny house with him inside and not let him out. She would also steal his lettuce. Although it wasn't a big "Welcome to our Home" from the other bunnies, I still was happy that he has a bigger home and other bunnies around him.
Jenny mentioned to me the other day that all the bunnies are licking each other ears.... even the newest member and the snooty one. This is very good news, as according to Jenny, this is how bunnies show each other affection. I am so happy that my bunny now is part of the gang.
On another note... why is it that someone who can wish a good year on those that deserve it, and that those that don't will "get theirs" doesn't realize that that statement alone puts them in the "don't deserve it" category. Why must there be so much hate and so little tolerance and wishes for goodness for all? And who exactly gets to be the decider about who deserves it and who does not?  Just wondering.....

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