Sunday, July 24, 2016

Gettysburg Battlefields & Shawnee State Park, PA

We decided to join the Liberty Bell Tearjerkers (Pennsylvania chapter) for our first outing of 2016.  Prior to meeting up with them at Shawnee State Park we went to Gettysburg and visited the battlefields.  We discovered it really takes more than a couple of days to see it all! 

Mark & President Lincoln outside the Visitor Center

I don't know where you go to get into this little car tour, but next time
we go to Gettysburg I am going to find out!

Not sure why, but I was fascinated with the cannons. They are pretty
much in the same position as during the battle.

The view from Little Round Top

Moon over camp fire - Shawnee State Park

The moon was really beautiful that night. 
From Shawnee State Park we ventured out to do a tour of the covered bridges of Bedford.  The following are just a few that we visited.

Outing #8

Adventure Dates: July 14-18, 2016
Trip Miles: 1134
Trip Nights: 4

Total Miles: 13,715
Total Nights: 28

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